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Breach of Contract Attorney In Dallas, TX

Having friends and family whom you instinctively trust is a great thing. Some people may have several, some just one or two, some may have none depending on their inherent personality and the bad hands their life may have dealt them. To mitigate disillusionment and for other reasons, the business world has contracts. There are verbal and written contracts and to be legally binding they must all have at least two key aspects. All the parties must agree to the terms stated of their own free will and it must have something of value that is being exchanged. Something of value can be plain cash, some other goods, a service or a promise of a future exchange. There are other elements involved such as; items being exchanged must be legal and those making the agreement must have legal authority to do so. A contract must meet these and other stipulations to be legally admissible in court.

The government has always been more concerned with cases where people’s illegal actions affect them directly, such as tax evasion or welfare fraud. They are more reluctant to prosecute those who have harmed another in the private sector. Civil matters include breaches of contract between low and middle-income businesspeople; this is where breach of contract attorneys are essential to the settlement of such disputes.

In some places, such as Texas (even a large city like Dallas) or many parts of the US that are out in the country may be more open to resolving contract disputes solely between themselves; others take the issue to court at first opportunity (such as in California). Regardless of where the breach occurred, a courtroom has the authority to settle a dispute and have their decision be binding.

The best course of action a plaintiff can take is to hire a great attorney. One that specializes in contractual law and since most, if not all, contracts are monetary in nature, having a background in finances, such as a CPA certification, is preferred. Bufkin Law Firm serves Dallas and the surrounding communities.


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