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I’ve Been Ripped Off and Scammed in Dallas

There is nothing worse than putting your faith in someone and have that person turn around and prove to you that you made a mistake. Deceit could happen in family related matters where a person is entrusted to provide for the well-being of a minor until he or she comes of age, and instead, throughContinue reading “I’ve Been Ripped Off and Scammed in Dallas”


Review Tax Fillings Dallas for Tax Fraud Detection

Taxes are one of those things where if you have money, the man will come down and try to take as much as he can. You cannot avoid taxes, but you can manage them. Falling into that category where you make just enough to fall into the higher tax bracket but not enough to beContinue reading “Review Tax Fillings Dallas for Tax Fraud Detection”

Breach of Contract Attorney In Dallas, TX

Having friends and family whom you instinctively trust is a great thing. Some people may have several, some just one or two, some may have none depending on their inherent personality and the bad hands their life may have dealt them. To mitigate disillusionment and for other reasons, the business world has contracts. There areContinue reading “Breach of Contract Attorney In Dallas, TX”

What is Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting firms exist in order to help identify, settle, sort, extract, record, report, and verify financial data that is in question. However, it wasn’t always this way. There was a time where forensic accounting firms did not exist. As business evolved from the beginning of time the need for financial investigations grew into whatContinue reading “What is Forensic Accounting”

Money Laundering

Forensic accounting firms have long been trying to crack down on money laundering.Money laundering is simply the act of disguising the proceeds of illicit activities in an attempt to create legitimate money. Money laundering was first truly started back in the 1930’s during prohibition. It was during this time that money from the sale ofContinue reading “Money Laundering”

Financial Accounting

Financial accounting is your standard every day accounting needs that every businessneeds taken care of. A forensic accountant Dallas is used on an as needed basis to evaluatebusinesses that are under scrutiny for misuse of assets. There are many differences between a financial accountant and a forensic accountant Dallas. First off, a financial account isContinue reading “Financial Accounting”

Becoming a Forensic Accountant

If you are considering becoming a certified forensic accountant there are many stepsthat you must take in order to be certified and successful. While it is an extremely beneficial and rewarding career it is not an easy road to get there. If you are hoping to become a forensic accountant, the path to getting thereContinue reading “Becoming a Forensic Accountant”

Business Lessons from Forensic Accounting

Being a certified forensic accountant gives you the ability to see insight into a variety ofbusinesses. Over time these lessons can be used to be an even stronger and sharper certifiedforensic accountant. Common sense and real-life experience can also strengthen ones forensicaccounting skills. See below for additional general business lessons that can be strengthenedthrough theContinue reading “Business Lessons from Forensic Accounting”

Crisis in Kennett Township

Kennett Township is a very small town in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The entire townis only 15 square miles consisting of just over 8,000 people. While the town is growing, it is still a very small place. The majority of the town is well-off with a median household income of $118,520. However, within this small townContinue reading “Crisis in Kennett Township”

The Tyco Scandal

CPA forensic accounting is used in many famous cases to uncover financial wrongdoing.This was the case in the Tyco Scandal that took place in 2002. CPA forensic accounting was usedto unveil many discrepancies within the company’s records that showed significant fraud hadoccurred over a period of time. In the case of Tyco, the scandal reallyContinue reading “The Tyco Scandal”