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Forensic Accounting in Dallas, TX

Attorney, Certified Public Accountant, AICPA Certified in Financial Forensics, MBA

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I’ve Been Ripped Off and Scammed in Dallas

There is nothing worse than putting your faith in someone and have that person turn around and prove to you that you made a mistake. Deceit could happen in family related matters where a person is entrusted to provide for the well-being of a minor until he or she comes of age, and instead, through…

Review Tax Fillings Dallas for Tax Fraud Detection

Taxes are one of those things where if you have money, the man will come down and try to take as much as he can. You cannot avoid taxes, but you can manage them. Falling into that category where you make just enough to fall into the higher tax bracket but not enough to be…

Breach of Contract Attorney In Dallas, TX

Having friends and family whom you instinctively trust is a great thing. Some people may have several, some just one or two, some may have none depending on their inherent personality and the bad hands their life may have dealt them. To mitigate disillusionment and for other reasons, the business world has contracts. There are…

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