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Fun Facts

Forensic accounting Dallas has increased in both need and general popularity over the
years. Forensic accounting is used in a variety of places including Ponzi schemes, corporate
corruption, and financial scandals. It is certainly an interesting industry to say the least. Below
are a few fun facts about forensic accounting Dallas that you may or may not be familiar with

  1. Forensic accounting can sometimes also be referred to as fraud examination accounting.
  2. Forensic accounting is often broken down into two main categories including
    investigation/dispute resolution and litigation support.
  3. The capture and case of Al Capone put a spotlight on forensic accounting in which the
    industry began to grow.
  4. Many forensic accountants also become CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner).
  5. Expert witnesses such as forensic accountants are in high demand. This is often because
    they can make or break a case. Judges will often give significant weight to the testimony
    of an expert witness.
  6. The more fraud that occurs the greater the demand for forensic accounting grows.
  7. Forensic accounting is used in civil, criminal, and even family law cases. However, the
    most common use of forensic accounting is seen in divorce cases.
  8. Technology has made fraud even easier to commit therefore increasing the need for
    forensic accountants. Technology has also changed the way investigators have to track
    their investigations.
  9. Forensic accountants are often not involved in a case until suspicious activity has
    already been noted.
    If you are in need of a forensic accountant in the Dallas area, we are here to help.

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