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I’ve Been Ripped Off and Scammed in Dallas

There is nothing worse than putting your faith in someone and have that person turn around and prove to you that you made a mistake. Deceit could happen in family related matters where a person is entrusted to provide for the well-being of a minor until he or she comes of age, and instead, through willful acts or incompetence, their actions harm the child. A Netflix show, Series of Unfortunate Events, is a perfect representation of just how this can happen.

In an adult world, a trustee put in charge of handling a company’s finances with a fiduciary duty to the shareholders may not always act in their best interests. They may be swayed by irresistible financial gain and lacking a moral code they rob their employer. The person or people who decided to hire such a person are left saying “I’ve been ripped off, I’ve been scammed,” and rightly so. Whether this occurs in Dallas, TX or anywhere else in the United States, there is recourse.

Hiring an attorney specializing in white collar crime with a financial background such as a CPA certification is the best course of action to take in these types of situations. The I’ve been ripped off, I’ve been scammed being uttered in Dallas may not be as common as in other states due to the looser gun laws and the reputation of using them to solve disputes. However, it does happen. When it does, sometimes to keep a bad situation from becoming worse, settling a disagreement in a courtroom may just be a more diplomatic option.

The geographical area of a lawyer’s expertise is another point to consider. There are national regulations that are valid throughout the US, but there are also local laws and statutes that vary between states and counties. It’s important to know under what jurisdiction the case falls and employ an attorney specializing in that area.

Bufkin Law Firm serves Dallas and the surrounding communities.


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