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Business Lessons from Forensic Accounting

Being a certified forensic accountant gives you the ability to see insight into a variety of
businesses. Over time these lessons can be used to be an even stronger and sharper certified
forensic accountant. Common sense and real-life experience can also strengthen ones forensic
accounting skills. See below for additional general business lessons that can be strengthened
through the use of forensic accounting experience. Use this experience wisely as you continue
your career.
 Do not think you are immune to committing fraud: No one is “too good” to commit
fraud. You never know someone’s situation or how easily a human can be coerced into
fraud that seems so easily laying right in front of them. If someone feels fraud is the only
way that they can save their family from a potentially dire financial strain, then they are
likely to commit said fraud. People will go to great lengths to defend and save their
families and worry about the damage later. Most people who commit fraud under these
circumstances usually feel that when the dust settles they will go back and make right
on their wrongs.
 Suspend judgement: Reserve your judgement for the end of your case. Many people
commit fraud under dire circumstances. Judgement will likely cloud your ability to spot
necessary details during a case. If you have any preconceived notions about the case or
those involved, it will also hinder your ability to properly address the matters at hand.
 Pay attention to everything: Keep your eyes open to everything, not just the
documents. Keep in mind every person’s body language, how the documents are found
and presented, whether there is dust on certain boxes, and labels on everything. These
particular details can help to make sense of any findings that you discover within
accounting documents that are recovered.

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