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Crisis in Kennett Township

Kennett Township is a very small town in Chester County, Pennsylvania. The entire town
is only 15 square miles consisting of just over 8,000 people. While the town is growing, it is still a very small place. The majority of the town is well-off with a median household income of $118,520. However, within this small town scandal was taking place and hurting the taxpayers.
This is where forensic accounting firms come into play to help uncover financial damage and to help determine the truth. It was found that Lisa Moore still owes 1 million dollars of the 3.2 million dollars she embezzled from the town.
Moore is currently serving out her 3-10 year sentence from the fraud that she
committed. An agreement was reached between Barbacane Thorton and Company (one of the forensic accounting firms hired) and Kennett Township. However, Barbacane and the Township had a dispute over some of the findings they uncovered. Through mediation they were able to come to an agreement. The Township did still decide to hire a new accounting firm once the embezzlement was discovered.
It was determined that Moore had stolen from employee benefits, the police
department, land preservation, and other operations within the township. Moore was formerly the manager of Kennett Township allowing her access to these important files and information that allowed her to fuel a lavish lifestyle. The town was confused as to why Moore would commit such crimes after being paid a healthy salary. It was found Moore was taking expensive and lavish foreign vacations, spending it on fine jewelry and designer clothing. Luckily forensic accountants were able to determine the truth and restore justice to the town.


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